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How do I pre-preorder a product that has not yet been released?

Simply add the order to your cart and proceed to checkout. The product, instead of being shipped the following day, it will be shipped to you 4 days before the publication, so you will have it delivered at your house on the release date.
Products that are yet to be release and don't have the "Add to Cart" button are not available for pre-order. 

Can I return the items I buy from your website?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of books. However we do accept returns of any other product if it says so in the product listing, provide it meets our standards as expressed in the terms and conditions.


How does the submission process work?

Once you have submitted your book or book proposal through our online form, that can be found in the section "Are you an Author? SUBMISSIONS", It will be attentively read by our team in the shortest time possible. We try to read each manuscript within a couple of months from the submission and try to reply to each and every author within a short time with our feedback on the manuscript, both if it is positive and negative.

Will I need an agent?

At this stage, we accept submission both from individuals and agents alike and we do not prioritize one over the other.

Which genres do you accept?

We publish both fiction and non-fiction. More information on exactly the genres we prefer can be found here.

What happens next?

If we like your manuscript and decide to publish it, we will offer you a contract with us and publish the book usually within one year from the time of submission. We will work together with you in editing it and creating a promotional and marketing plan that is specifically tailored to your book to make sure to maximize its potential and turn into an even greater work.

Do you accept book ideas or incomplete manuscripts?

We do accept book ideas for non-fiction books and, if we like the idea and think you would be the best person to write about it, we will offer you a contract and work together with you in the creation of the book.

For fiction novels, we will accept submissions starting from a minimum of three chapters up to a full manuscript. We will be happy to read the initial chapters and give you feedback on them, but we will not offer you a contract before having read the full manuscript. If we like your book idea and your first few chapters, we will be happy to work with you and continue giving you feedback as you are writing your manuscript. Once that is completed, we will schedule a full reading of the manuscript and if we find it satisfactory we will offer you a contract.

Would I need to pay anything?

Absolutely not. We would look after the editing, marketing, production and distribution of your book and take charge of all the expenses of the book.

Do you accept submissions from authors outside the U.K.?

We currently only accept submissions from authors who reside in the U.K.

How would I get paid?

The payment for our authors are based on a modest advance and great royalties, especially for e-books. All our royalties are rising, therefore they will increase as your book sells more and more copies.

What sort of promotion support will I receive?

Each book is a project of its own. We put all our effort and resources into each single book and create a marketing and promotion plan that suits it best.

Our priority is to promote each book thoroughly and achieve the most number of sales possible. We work together with our authors in undertaking many promotional activities such as book signings, virtual book tours, author Q&As and video chats, radio talks, participation in literary festivals, reviews, magazine features, etc. The author will be required to collaborate with us in the promotion of his/her book.

Where will the book be distributed?

The book will be distributed through independent bookstores, chains, wholesalers, online retailers, our own website and some unconventional stores that might be interested in stocking the book.  The e-book will be distributed to over 1,000 retailers worldwide.