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  • The London PR Expert: Sydney VS London

    I’m so incredibly lucky to have been born and raised in London, and had the opportunity to move to Sydney just over five months ago. By living in these two major cities, I have been exposed to countless cultures, attitudes and ways of life. For those planning on making a trip down under – here are a few points to consider:


    The city: Unlike London, where the core of the city is in the centre and you could pretty much go in any direction to find shops, restaurants, apartments, parks and entertainment, Sydney is much less integrated and split into several suburbs – distanced by long roads. Each suburb has a completely different atmosphere to the next, and attracts certain crowds.

    unnamed-3Shopping: The city of Sydney has more of a linear layout compared to the circular format of London. It starts from Central Station and goes to Circular Quay where the famous Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House is located. This is roughly the same distance walking from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road in Central London. However, in London this street is full of shops. In Sydney, there are just two blocks of shopping parallel to each other: the Queen Victoria Building and Westfields Sydney.


    Food: Sydney wins here hands down. There are affordable restaurants everywhere – and most places offer $10 deals, which is amazing, as you wouldn’t be able to find anything as good for the £5 equivalent in London! However, most food restaurants and outlets close fairly early, so if you were stumbling home from a party at 3am on a Friday morning, you’d be out of luck when looking for food.

    unnamed-2Nightlife: London wins this category for having incredably quaint and quirky bars and nightclubs on most streets. Despite being more expensive than Sydney, it’s definitely worth it. Sydney doesn’t have much of a variety to offer – however if you were to fly down to Melbourne, that would be a different story…

    Transport: London has the Tube, which is an incredibly efficient way of getting around the city. Sydney is much smaller in comparison, and even though you can get trains to different suburbs, buses are the way to go! The Opal is the Sydney equivalent of London’s Oyster. On Sunday you pay only $2.50 for unlimited travel anywhere in the New South Wales state – so this is the day locals abuse the rather expensive ferries to Manly Beach. Both cities draw on this one!


    Each city has pros and cons -  it’s worth taking a visit down under to make your own decision! Let us know what you think by commenting #TeamLondon or #TeamSydney below!

    Twitter/Instagram: @LondonPRexpert

  • Keeping active on Holiday!

    Hello Everyone!

    Over the Easter break my family and I were lucky enough to spend an amazing week at the gorgeous Grand Melia Sensatori Resort in Tenerife.

    It felt so good to soak up the sun, relax and take some much needed chill time.

    The hotel was possibly one of the largest hotels I have ever stayed in with over seven restaurants on the complex (such a variety of food including lots of fresh, local and healthy options too!), three swimming pools, which included a massive infinity pool that stretched over the whole width of the hotel and overlooked the sea (beautiful but freezing). They also had an amazing Clarins Spa with all the treatments you could possibly think of – having a full body massage with my twin sister was the dream, oh and I may have got a manipedi while I was there too!

    As you know me, a holiday wouldn’t be complete without being able to do some of my beloved Pilates and maybe a few beach runs! Lucky for me the resort had a wonderful ‘Sports Hub’ offering an array of exercise classes. Some of my favourites were Zumba, Aerobics, Legs Bums and Tums, Yoga and OF COURSE Pilates. They also provided tennis lessons, bike rides, archery and personal training sessions throughout the day too. (Woo hoo even more of an excuse to indulge come dinner time!)

    The instructors were really great: so friendly, positive and motivating, but man did they get you working hard!

    Find your centre! Find your balance!

    Here I am getting my daily fix of Pilates and Yoga in the ‘Wellness Garden’! Here I am getting my daily fix of Pilates and Yoga in the ‘Wellness Garden’!

    It’s so much fun to mix up your workout routine - to keep your muscles guessing and to work on different aspects of your fitness. Cue the bikes, towels and water for a bit of a Spinning!


    Wow it was tough, I’ll be honest I didn’t enjoy my first class! However, you soon get addicted to the amazing buzz and the 'feel good' factor at having achieved/survived the class, so yes I booked in again for the next day and absolutely loved it, the second class I did was spinning and conditioning which involved high intensity spinning on the bike, followed by jumping off and doing strength training on the mat. Think one minutes burpees, squats, push ups ect… eek! Then we hopped back on the bike for some more cycling… nearly died, but such a great challenge and I actually surprised myself and enjoyed the session!

    Did I mention that awesome feeling after!? OH HEY WORLD! Did I mention that awesome feeling after!? OH HEY WORLD!

    I loved our sunny morning family jogs along the coastline. Its great that my whole family are so supportive and keen to get active therefore a post family run selfie had to happen! Loving my… ok Dad's Oakley sunglasses perfect for running and cycling, what can I say he has good taste!

    5 6

    We had such a fun week, I would highly recommend the Sensatori Resort as a lovely, luxurious holiday destination especially for all you active readers out there! It was such a great mixture of exercise, relaxation, pampering and of course a little indulging on some of the local yummy food and wine, made so much better by the amazing company! The perfect balance of healthiness with a splash of naughtiness!


    I also brought ‘Behind the Scenes’ as my holiday read and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was prefect to read while soaking up the rays on my sunbed! Such a feel good, fun book! You can also pre-order ‘Searching for Steven’ now which I’m super excited about… roll on June!

    3d book

    I hope you all have a happy and healthy week!

    Remember to check out my Instagram and Facebook page!


    Type Holly Chapman Pilates into the Facebook search bar!




  • The London PR Expert: The importance of pushing your limits

    Having been born and raised in London, the concrete jungle, is the extent of my wildlife experience. I don’t do bugs, spiders, snakes or crocodiles. I’m not adventurous with my food, and don’t even think about making me sleep in a humid room without an air conditioner.

    When I contemplated moving to Australia I decided to choose the biggest city – Sydney, because it would be the most like London. You can expect the same lifestyle in any big city, you’re always spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants, shopping and entertainment. However, after seeing pictures on Facebook of my adventurous friends climb mountains and sleep in the outback, I decided to force myself to spend a week in a tropical rainforest… Daintree Rainforest to be exact!

    I felt like I was a million miles away from home, when I was greeted at Cairns airport with this sign by the Queensland government!

    Limits p.1

    I was transferred straight to my jungle cabin at the Cape Tribulation headland within Daintree Rainforest – the oldest in the world at between 100-180 million years old, in comparison to the Amazon Rainforest which is just 10 million years old. The ecosystem is much more developed and is known for its dangerous critters.

    The first night was the worst, my anxiety levels were at their highest. I had to walk down the boardwalk from my cabin (which could easily be compared to a shed with a bed), to the restaurant in the dark, knowing that I’m surrounded by tropical insects and animals… Terrifying!

    I spoke to some fellow travellers over dinner and they told me they sighted a python earlier in the day just a few hundred meters from where we were currently sat. Feeling uncomfortable, I wanted to research the snakes and spiders in the area I was currently staying in. I asked an employee at the ‘restaurant’ (use term vaguely), if there was Wi-Fi, as my iPhone was on SOS mode, to which they simply replied: ‘No. Welcome to the jungle, hunny.’ I knew I was in for a rough week.

    Limits p.3

    For dinner we ate kangaroo and crocodile meat, which was far from anything I would have ever ordered at my favourite luxurious London restaurants. We then sat around a campfire and roasted marshmallows whilst listening to the whistling of the crickets and grasshoppers.

    Whilst I was enjoying this experience, I felt a pinch on my foot. I was bitten by a massive tropical spider. The fangs were clawed into my skin and my reaction was to freeze – staring at the spider in shock. The camp leader injected me with anti-venom almost immediately to neutralise the poison. I had unknowingly faced my biggest fear, and I survived it.

    Limits p.2

    I have since flown back to Sydney, reminiscing on my week. I am so proud that I pushed myself to do something I was extremely hesitant about. Despite the spider bite, and still being in a lot of pain five days later, I have a story worth telling for the rest of my life, so I urge you to think 'YOLO' (You Only Live Once) more often, and see what happens…

    To view photos and videos of my tropical adventure check out my Instagram @LondonPRexpert.

  • New Kindle release + Giveaway: Behind the Scenes by Sophie Childs

    Exciting news! From today the Kindle version of Behind the Scenes by Sophie Childs is available to buy on Amazon worldwide!

    Here are some of the links:


    The paperback version is also available on SO VAIN BOOKS.

    And here is a fabulous international giveaway for you all to win one of five signed copies of the book!

    Goodreads Book Giveaway

    Behind the Scenes by Sophie Childs

    Behind the Scenes

    by Sophie Childs

    Giveaway ends April 18, 2015.

    See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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