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The London PR Expert: Sydney VS London

I’m so incredibly lucky to have been born and raised in London, and had the opportunity to move to Sydney just over five months ago. By living in these two major cities, I have been exposed to countless cultures, attitudes and ways of life. For those planning on making a trip down under – here are a few points to consider:


The city: Unlike London, where the core of the city is in the centre and you could pretty much go in any direction to find shops, restaurants, apartments, parks and entertainment, Sydney is much less integrated and split into several suburbs – distanced by long roads. Each suburb has a completely different atmosphere to the next, and attracts certain crowds.

unnamed-3Shopping: The city of Sydney has more of a linear layout compared to the circular format of London. It starts from Central Station and goes to Circular Quay where the famous Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House is located. This is roughly the same distance walking from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road in Central London. However, in London this street is full of shops. In Sydney, there are just two blocks of shopping parallel to each other: the Queen Victoria Building and Westfields Sydney.


Food: Sydney wins here hands down. There are affordable restaurants everywhere – and most places offer $10 deals, which is amazing, as you wouldn’t be able to find anything as good for the £5 equivalent in London! However, most food restaurants and outlets close fairly early, so if you were stumbling home from a party at 3am on a Friday morning, you’d be out of luck when looking for food.

unnamed-2Nightlife: London wins this category for having incredably quaint and quirky bars and nightclubs on most streets. Despite being more expensive than Sydney, it’s definitely worth it. Sydney doesn’t have much of a variety to offer – however if you were to fly down to Melbourne, that would be a different story…

Transport: London has the Tube, which is an incredibly efficient way of getting around the city. Sydney is much smaller in comparison, and even though you can get trains to different suburbs, buses are the way to go! The Opal is the Sydney equivalent of London’s Oyster. On Sunday you pay only $2.50 for unlimited travel anywhere in the New South Wales state – so this is the day locals abuse the rather expensive ferries to Manly Beach. Both cities draw on this one!


Each city has pros and cons -  it’s worth taking a visit down under to make your own decision! Let us know what you think by commenting #TeamLondon or #TeamSydney below!

Twitter/Instagram: @LondonPRexpert

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