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Publication day: 'The Very British Rules of Dating'

The much anticipated The Very British Rules of Dating by Lady Lara Asprey is here!

After a brilliant interview yesterday on ITV, during the number one daytime show This Morning, and several different features in the MailOnline, The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph, the book everyone has been talking about is finally available to purchase through all the major bookshops around the UK, So Vain Books and Amazon.



About the book:

The Very British Rules of Dating is the first and only book that finally gives elegant ladies a glimmer of understanding into how to find and keep their perfect gentleman.

With a good dollop of British humour, it explores the answers to common questions such as:

- Where are all the quality men hiding?

- Why do they never approach me?

- Why do men only seem to ‘flirt’ after they have had a few drinks?

- How do I know where I stand when he never says what he means?

- How do I know when we’re an official item? He hasn’t said anything. - Why is he acting strangely? He suddenly just stopped messaging me!

Looking at every aspect of both traditional and modern dating, including advice for online dating, apps, and texting, this book will become your go-to guide for navigating your way through the minefield that is dating in the UK. It will give you all the tools you need to make a lasting impression on the ever-confusing British gentleman, to help you find and keep your Prince Charming.

PrintAbout the Author:

Lady Lara Asprey knows that dating in Britain is anything but clear. As a Chelsea-based VIP matchmaker with many years of experience, she knows what makes British men and women tick when it comes to love and romance and is here to explain, in a very British and entertaining way, all the tools you need to find and keep your perfect man.

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