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  • The London PR Expert: How to use Instagram to #GetOnTheList

    SelfieWe all know about the rise of Instagram, whether you’re a frequent user battling between the Valencia and Rise filters (I feel your pain!), or whether you’ve seen celebrity insta-selfies make headlines across the press and think it’s just a place for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus to be controversial.

    But it is so much more than that. Instagram is essential for celebrities to feed their personal brand – by connecting with their followers when they’re not on-air they stay relevant. Brands and companies see Instagram as an effective marketing tool, particularly when getting a celebrity to endorse a product. Designers pay big bucks for Kim K to take a selfie in their new-season plunging gown, as it instantly gets uploaded into the streams of her millions of followers.

    This may sound very glamorous and unattainable, however, you don’t need to have a hit show on the E! network to be paid to endorse products, attend events and to #GetOnTheList. You can turn yourself into a personal brand by posting consistently, growing your followers, and soon enough you’ll have enough influence to enjoy the perks!

    This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to become an Instagram STAR, and explain how you can use your Insta-fame to #GetOnTheList


    1) Think of an aspect of your life that could be of interest to others. This could be your job, a talent you possess, maybe your looks or your style. However, red alert: unless you’re already famous for having insanely captivating model looks it is unlikely that you’re going to get insta-famous simply through selfies.

    For example, through my account @LondonPRexpert, I add value to my followers by sharing PR advice and inspirational marketing-related quotes. I also post travel images and occasionally a few personal images. This variety allows my followers to learn something from my page every morning with my ‘morning quotes’, and they have an insight into my life.

    2) Username and Bio: Make sure it relates to the brand you’re trying to create, use key words that stand out when someone goes onto your profile, and highlight HOW you add value to your followers in your description, giving them a reason to follow instantly.

    3) Stay consistent! Post regularly and become an account, which followers want to check up on every day. If you post engaging content people will wait on the edge of their seats for you to post something new.

    4) Prioritise quality of images: Let’s be honest, Instagram is a platform which appreciates photography like no other, therefore if you’re posting blurred images with filters that don’t do justice, you’re making Instagram look ugly. It's all about the visual effect, so put effort into high quality content!

    5) #Hashtags! Stick to one or two max and use emojis! Top tip: In the comments, #hashtag lots of highly searched words such as #love #happy #summer #travel and then delete the comment instantly. This will get your image into these hashtags searches and will therefore be seen by a wider following.

    6) Follow back! You are not Lady Gaga, and you’re not famous yet. Don’t be rude, be nice to your followers! Reply to comments and follow back! Appreciate your following, and they will help you grow.

    7) Have a consistent display picture and username across all of your public social networks, so that someone can easily find you on Twitter from your Instagram account.

    8) Let your account grow: once your have a large following, you can approach PR agencies to get you into London Fashion Week, since you can prove that one Instagram post on your account will get sent to 100k+ followers instantly.

    9) Have your e-mail address in your description! This makes it easy for brands and companies to contact you. Always be accessible, polite and friendly, it will take you far in the long run!

    10) Manage your account! No one has the time to constantly be on social media, so use apps on iOS such as Latergramme to schedule posts for a later time, and Followers + to monitor your following, and see the statistics of likes and comments, and you can also see who has un-followed you.


    I hope this helps you! For more tips, purchase ‘Are you on the list? A guide on how to become a modern socialite’ from Amazon now.

    London PR Expert


  • Goodbye 2014... Hello 2015!

    The time has come to once again say goodbye to the year gone by. We hope 2014 brought you joy, love, success and adventure and was a year you look back at with a smile on your face.

    This is not at all a time to be sad; it is a time to celebrate the good times and to rejoice in the glamorous promises of the new year 2015!


    We wish you all the best for the new year, let it be a year to be remembered and filled with fabulous days spent in happiness!

    Happy New Year!


    Love, your So Vain Books Team

  • 5 days until Christmas - 5 things to do!

    Vainities, the holidays are upon us! It’s the time to relax, drink mulled wine, go ice-skating, and have Christmas-movie marathons! Here are our top five things to do on the run-up to Christmas, be sure to check them out and let us know what you think via Twitter @SoVainBooks!

    Image 1


    It’s the weekend! Yay! What better way is there to spend your Saturday night than to go for festive cocktails at the buzzing ‘Bar Soho’? We recommend the Expresso and Gingerbread Martini, which includes: gingerbread syrup, Kahlua and vodka with a shot of espresso. Delicious!

    SundayImage 2

    Follow the illuminated Christmas trail at Kew Gardens for a truly magical experience. Guided by snowflakes, giant light sculptures and tunnels of light, visit the world-famous botanic gardens between 26th Nov to 3rd Jan. More information on Kew after Dark here: Visit Kew


    This Christmas, Notting Hill’s iconic 20th Century Theatre has been transformed into a movie theatre showing your favourite festive films! In collaboration with Pop-Up Screens, the heavily themed cinema is full of fake snow and offers a variety of delicious drinks. Book tickets for this must-see cinema experience @ Pop Up Screens

    Image 4Tuesday 

    If the bustling city of London is becoming a little too hectic for you, why not take the day out and visit Windsor Castle? This family friendly castle is only a short train ride away from London’s Waterloo or Paddington stations. See the historic landmark in a new light, with beautiful video projections lighting up it's main tower– running until Jan 6th.

    Christmas EveImage 5

    Still in need of some last minute Christmas shopping? We recommend going to Westfield Stratford City! In Europe’s biggest urban shopping centre, you are guaranteed to find a little prezzie for anyone. Opening hours for Christmas Eve are 9am-6pm.

    That’s all for now Vainities, we hope this gave you some inspiration and that you will have a lovely and fabulous Christmas!

  • Top 3: Celeb Hangouts in London this Christmas

    The festive season is approaching and London has gone all out to celebrate the Christmas cheer! Whether it’s walking down Oxford Street, illuminated with thousands of sparkly lights, or looking at the momentous Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square; there is no doubt that your inner-child will come out.

    Not only you enjoy the wintery atmosphere on the London streets, celebrities and socialites of London are around everywhere too! It’s a perfect opportunity for some star spotting. However, due to the terrible British weather, most are wrapped up tightly in over-sized parkas, which make them hard to identify. But not to worry, I am here to help you out! Here are the Top Three hotspots of where the elite are likely to hang out this season:

    1) Winter WonderlandBlogImage1

    On the top of my list is Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. Enter into a magical world where dreams come true! Okay… it maybe isn’t actually magical, but they have the most fabulous Christmas markets, fairground rides, grottos, a circus, and an infinite amount of Mulled Wine! Celebrities are known to visit this event every year, from One Direction to super-socialite Cara Delevigne. You never know whom you’ll be sat next to on the carousel…

    BlogImage22) Skate @ Somerset House

    Fashionistas aren’t only at the iconic Somerset House during London Fashion Week, they’re also there to ice-skate! The ice-skating rink has become a hotspot for celebrities (and royalty!) to enjoy skating with their family and friends. The atmosphere is like no other, with festive music and a beautifully lit massive tree that brightens up the courtyard. Pippa Middleton has been photographed attending the opening night of the rink, along with Harry Potter star- Emma Watson! Imagine bumping into one of them!

    BlogImage33) Theatre recommendation: Cats!

    Why not book tickets to watch superstar Nicole Scherzinger play Grizabella in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s megahit Cats? The show is held at the iconic Palladium Theatre, and will be this seasons’ most sought after musical. This show isn’t opening till December 8, so if patience does not come easy to you, you could always catch Lindsay Lohan in the play Speed the Plow at the London Playhouse Theatre this month!

    Until next time: keep warm and stay glamorous, vanities!

  • Your ABC for Getting on the List of Glamorous Events


    So, you are following that super-cool journalist on Instagram, and you see them going to fabulous press-events, mingling with supermodels and even taking selfies with designers you look up to at the most exclusive clubs, which has a guest list for months! And you are wondering, how on earth do they do it? Not to worry, So Vain Books are here to guide you on how to party with the A-Listers!

    There are a few ways of getting on the list, but the key is to show the PR/event planner that you have a purpose of being there. I have created a list of people who usually get on the list, and will shortly explain how they do it so you can join the fabulous crowd as well.



    The tug-of-war between the power of bloggers vs. journalists has been on-going for the past few years ever since the blogging network has exploded on the scene. Bloggers are now just as important to have at parties as the traditional press, and this is evident from the way PRs strategize their guest lists.

    Bloggers have more power than ever! This makes it relatively easy for them to get on the list. They are looked up to, and successful bloggers usually have huge social media followings; one tweet will reach thousands. If you’re a blogger, you have to contact the PR to see if you can be added to their press list: Once you’re on, you’re in! Just make sure to research the right events for your type of blogging, a food blogger may not be the best catch for a designer gala and the make-up savvy beauty gal would be rather lost at the opening night of that incredible eccentric vernissage.


    If you work for a publication - whether that’s for magazines or newspapers, online or print - company invites will be sent as the brand wants coverage for their launch/promotion.

    You’d think that you would have to work your way up the ladder for years to get invited to parties, however it is usually the younger ones who are out on the social scene as the senior editors are over it, and have more important ‘grown-up’ stuff to deal with.

    Don’t be afraid to send a few e-mails out to stimulate the brand’s interest in your publication – they may not have heard of it yet but decide you are a great fit for their target audience!

    Fashion Stylists

    Fashion stylists’ collaborate with all sorts of people and they are the rulers of networking. Since they work with celebrities for magazine shoots and with photographers to build their portfolio, they are meeting new people daily. Once you build a relationship with the people you work with, they might take you along to a few glamorous parties after work; after all, no one wants to go alone.

    Once you become a well-known celebrity stylist, then you will be asked to attend these parties on your own profile, as you will be boosting the positive publicity for the brand/event.


    They are essential to cover a party. Their photographs will be uploaded on Facebook pages and will be shared through other social media platforms to create online buzz for the event. They also tend to receive the most invites for London Fashion Week since they are needed to capture and upload runway looks instantly.

    If you aren’t one of those people mentioned above, then don’t fret! There are many other ways to get on the list. Keep a look out for competitions and brands that have open house parties e.g. Lazy Oaf. There you will be able to start your networking and the more people you meet the higher the chances of invitations to one of those fabulous events.

    Lastly, here are my Top four PR agencies to follow on Twitter:

    @POP_PR_UK @felicitiespr @Snow_PR @TaskPRUK

    Try and get on the Bloggers Love e-mail list too; they host fabulous parties! @Bloggers_Love

    You are all now ready to party with the elite little fashionistas, so give these tips a try and leave your fab stories below. We will be picking the most glamorous comments to post on our Facebook page!

    And if you want some more information on how to become the next It girl, check out the book "Are you on the List?", written by three of London's top socialites!

    Until next week Vainities…


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