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Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty articles
  • How To Keep Warm Like Kate This Christmas

    kate1Kate Moss has been gracing Britain’s pavements with glamourous street styles and evening attire since the early 1990s. But, despite her ever present face, she has continued to offer a fresh look on fashion by mixing up her style for over 20 years. Photos taken of Moss throughout her time as a public figure show an evolution in her fashion sense, some bad and some good. Yet, one thing she continues to do well is winter fashion.

    The photo on the left shows Kate bracing against the cold night in leather boots and a fur jacket. The mixture of thick textures in warm colours combine to make the outfit appear snug, and the coat brings glamour and style to a very simple jeans and t-shirt arrangement. Casual but classy!

    This outfit, although it undoubtedly must have cost Kate thousands for the coat alone, could be easily replicated with high-street fashion. By pairing a pair of sturdy boots and a high-necked faux fur coat drama can be added to any effortless outfit and creates instant glamour!kate3

    What could be considered Moss’s signature winter fashion is her use of the oversized coat.

    This photograph on the right was taken of Kate during a photo-shoot, where she wore an oversized, white, shaggy coat with suede, thigh-high boots. This is a great alternative to wearing trousers in the cold weather. Only a small part of skin is on show, so warmth can still radiate from the coat and high boots to make sure the exposed skin isn’t too cold.

    kate2This look on the left with a mini skirt is a flirty and fun way to wear boots and a coat without looking too covered.

    Finally – how to keep warm when you are dressing up.

    To take a leaf out of Kate’s book the answer would be to make your coat a part of your outfit. If you make it a beautiful statement piece, then there will be no pressure to take it off prematurely. If the coat is just as much part of the outfit as the bag or shoes then you can keep it on for as long as you’re cold, and not just up until it is time to take photographs.

    These three styles are elegant ways to wear coats for any occasion. They are also proof that whether you are taking a walk on the street, attempting to look sexy for a date or going to a party it is possible to do so without freezing and looking fierce at the same time.

    Until next time, Keep warm and stay fashionable! Rhiannon x

  • 5 days until Christmas - 5 things to do!

    Vainities, the holidays are upon us! It’s the time to relax, drink mulled wine, go ice-skating, and have Christmas-movie marathons! Here are our top five things to do on the run-up to Christmas, be sure to check them out and let us know what you think via Twitter @SoVainBooks!

    Image 1


    It’s the weekend! Yay! What better way is there to spend your Saturday night than to go for festive cocktails at the buzzing ‘Bar Soho’? We recommend the Expresso and Gingerbread Martini, which includes: gingerbread syrup, Kahlua and vodka with a shot of espresso. Delicious!

    SundayImage 2

    Follow the illuminated Christmas trail at Kew Gardens for a truly magical experience. Guided by snowflakes, giant light sculptures and tunnels of light, visit the world-famous botanic gardens between 26th Nov to 3rd Jan. More information on Kew after Dark here: Visit Kew


    This Christmas, Notting Hill’s iconic 20th Century Theatre has been transformed into a movie theatre showing your favourite festive films! In collaboration with Pop-Up Screens, the heavily themed cinema is full of fake snow and offers a variety of delicious drinks. Book tickets for this must-see cinema experience @ Pop Up Screens

    Image 4Tuesday 

    If the bustling city of London is becoming a little too hectic for you, why not take the day out and visit Windsor Castle? This family friendly castle is only a short train ride away from London’s Waterloo or Paddington stations. See the historic landmark in a new light, with beautiful video projections lighting up it's main tower– running until Jan 6th.

    Christmas EveImage 5

    Still in need of some last minute Christmas shopping? We recommend going to Westfield Stratford City! In Europe’s biggest urban shopping centre, you are guaranteed to find a little prezzie for anyone. Opening hours for Christmas Eve are 9am-6pm.

    That’s all for now Vainities, we hope this gave you some inspiration and that you will have a lovely and fabulous Christmas!

  • Three make-up essentials for your handbag

    Who doesn’t know the situation: you are on your way to a dinner date with your friends or have a meeting with your boss, and you realize that your makeup is all smudged and it could seriously do with a touch-up. Of course, you can’t simply carry around your whole make-up collection all the time, so here are my top three make-up essentials to have on you that will change your look in an instant!

    • Lipstick – preferably a darker red or pink shade, depending on your complexion

    Not only is it great for plumping up your lovely lips, but it can also give your cheeks a light, natural blush. Just apply a bit on your fingertips, warm it up by rubbing them together and then massage the colour onto your cheeks.

    • Liquid eyeliner – black

    This doubles up as mascara in times of need – just apply it as you would your mascara on your lashes but be careful for it to dry properly! You don’t want to smudge it and go for the Panda look (unless it is Halloween). Do your thing with the eyeliner, if you are confident with the cat-eye wing, then add that for instant glamour and your eyes will be ready to charm the world!

    • “Conceal, don’t feel” – yes, Frozen aside, my last essential is your good old concealer!

    Cover up any blemishes, under eye dark circles, add some on the cupid bow of your lip to make your lipstick pop and – if you are make-up savvy – give highlighting a try! Concealer also works as eye shadow to cover up any veins and adds nice contrast to the dark eyeliner.


    Last but not least, remember that beauty truly does come from the inside, and a smile and kindness go a long way!

    Do you have any other make-up products that do not leave your handbag and are there to help you in any beautification situations? Share them with the other Vainities in the comments! If you want to get more scoops on all things beauty, check out the book "Are you on the list?"! Until next time, stay beautiful, xoxo

  • Trend in the Spotlight: Landscape printed dresses

    And so, as we have now officially said goodbye to summer and a warm hello to Autumn, new trends start to rear their heads. Although dresses are seen as summer atire, one particular style of dress seems to be gracing us with its presence right into the colder months.

    The landscape print is an exciting and innovative way to jazz up any garment of clothing. Even the simplest cuts can be brought to life when adorned with a scenic picture. For instance, comedian and actress, Aubrey Plaza wore this Peter Pilotto design to the Los Angelis premiere of ‘About Alex’. Plaza, seen on the left, has cut the sleeves to accommodate the hot LA weather. However, Pilotto’s original design, seen to the right, had the dress styled with long black sleeves, perfect for the Autumn chill.


    Aubrey Plaza in Peter Pilotto- 2014 collection

    Other designers have also used this bold idea to create elegant pieces, and although they are not quite as eyecatching as Pilotto’s dress they are still as beautiful. Stella McCartney used the image of a tree to develop this comfortable knit jumper dress, which would look great not only as a dress but also paired with leggings. This gives the garment more of a casual feel opposed to Pilotto’s show stopping look, demonstrating the diversity the prints can create.

    Antonio Marras’ beautiful day look dress, in grey with touches of soft yellow, is unique in that most designers have used vibrant colours in their work. Yet, in mostly grey Marras has still created an elaborate and stunning dress.


    Stella McCartney /  Antonio Marras

    These prints are not limited to dresses, but work on almost all clothing as is displayed by the ‘sister’ of the scenic print, which is the Glaxay/ Nebula print. This print has been very popular, with many celebrities photographed wearing this design.


    Carey Mulligan, Ellie Goulding and Alexa Chung

    With this said, you may be asking ‘How do I wear this look?’ Here are a few ideas of how this print can be incorporated into your wardrobe:

    1. Like Jessie J, you can wear prints as a statement piece. Wearing a print all over body suit is eye-catching and can be a head turner. So, if you are looking to be centre of attention or the subject of conversation wearing it like Jessie is the way for you.
    2. If you want to add colour to a somewhat dreary wardrobe then taking a leaf out of Ellie Goulding’s book would work. Her bold yellow print brings life to her black trousers and shows a little personality.
    3. If you want to go glamorous then Carey Mulligan, Alexa Chung and Aubrey Plaza are all good examples of how to use prints. All three examples are different styles and concentrations of boldness but all are tailored to wow at their respective events. Wearing a printed dress can create the drama and chic you are looking for.

    So, colourful prints are a must to stay on trend for the remainder of 2014. They can be worn alone, as a statement piece, or as part of an overall look. However you do it, make sure you are in with the trend this Autumn!

  • 8 books you need to cover your basics in fashion

    These are the top books that will lay the foundations of your fashion savviness, all hand-picked by the So Vain Books team! Have you read any of them? Which fashion book is your favourite?


    little black book of style

    The Little Black Book Of Style

    By Nina Garcia RRP: £12.99

    Have you always wanted to find your personal style? This fashion book written by the Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine (and Project Runway judge) Nina Garcia, will reveal you all the secrets on how to channel your inner fashion goddess and achieve your personal signature look. A timeless book that every girl should read because as Coco used to say: “fashion fades, only style remains the same”.


    the fashion book

    The Fashion Book

    By Phaidon Press RRP: £39.95

    This book is just what it says on the cover. It is a reference book with everything you need to know about the history of fashion. A guide to the 500 key people in fashion history with lots of images that will build up your knowledge of this glamorous industry. There is also a mini-edition for a more portable format that you can bring always with you.


    the teen vogue handbook

    The Teen Vogue Handbook. An insider’s guide to careers in fashion

    By Teen Vogue RRP: £9.99

    A career in fashion is not only as a fashion designer, but there are stylists, editors, photographers, bloggers, buyers… Each chapter of this book is written by an industry insider who gives exclusive insights and tips on how to take your few steps into the fashion world. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in fashion this book is a must-read but equally if you are a fashion-enthusiast who wants to know more about this glamorous industry


    Fashion Babylon. Looking up the skirts of the world’s most glamorous industry

    By Imogen Edwards-Jones RRP: £6.99

    Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of the fashion world? Who are the taste-makers and influencers in this industry that is worth billions? This is possibly our favourite book of all as it gives a real account of what really goes on behind all the glamour by following the real life of a fashion designer. From the conceptualization to the realization of a collection, this fashion book is absolutely full of celebrity gossip and it spills all the well-kept secrets of the fashion world. Beware: it might destroy all your glamorous idealization of fashion!

    Are You On The List? A guide on how to become a modern socialite

    By Kitty Brucknell, Lewis-Duncan Weedon and Olivia Cox RRP: £9.99

    It Is not only a guide for looking good and feeling great, but it’s a must-have that every girl needs to be successful. Packed with simple, approachable and honest advice from the experts on how to dress to make an impression, how to get invited to the best events and party with glamorous celebrities, how to walk your way to the front row, how to organize the most fabulous parties and much more. It is the perfect gift for every girl who aspires to be someone in life. Whether it is to make the right connections in the industry of your dreams, become a well-known blogger or just have some fun, these three authors know it all.


    Front Row: Anna Wintour. The cool life and hot times of Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief.

    By Jerry Oppenheimer RRP: £10.46

    We simply can’t talk about fashion without mentioning Anna Wintour. How can a single person have so much power in such a big industry? This biography describes her rise to being the most influential person in fashion and is full of shocking and surprising stories that will keep you wanting to read more and more about her fascinating character.

    Style A to Zoe. The art of fashion, beauty and everything glamour

    By Rachel Zoe, Rose Apodaca & Blanca Apodaca RRP: £12.99

    Have you ever imagined how your red-carpet moment would be like? The famous celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe reveals to you in this book the secrets to mastering all the red-carpet moments in your life, personalising your outfits, throwing chic and luxurious parties and travelling like a jet-setter!

    The Sartorialist

    By Scott Schuman RRP: £13.59

    If you don’t know who he is you are in serious trouble girl. Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist has made its success by photographing the most stylish people he encountered in the streets. This book brings together his favourite pictures along with his insightful commentary. A tour around the world with the best streetstyle looks to inspire your own style!


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