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Book chatter

Everything to do with books and bookish lovelinesses
  • Publication day: 'The Very British Rules of Dating'

    The much anticipated The Very British Rules of Dating by Lady Lara Asprey is here!

    After a brilliant interview yesterday on ITV, during the number one daytime show This Morning, and several different features in the MailOnline, The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph, the book everyone has been talking about is finally available to purchase through all the major bookshops around the UK, So Vain Books and Amazon.



    About the book:

    The Very British Rules of Dating is the first and only book that finally gives elegant ladies a glimmer of understanding into how to find and keep their perfect gentleman.

    With a good dollop of British humour, it explores the answers to common questions such as:

    - Where are all the quality men hiding?

    - Why do they never approach me?

    - Why do men only seem to ‘flirt’ after they have had a few drinks?

    - How do I know where I stand when he never says what he means?

    - How do I know when we’re an official item? He hasn’t said anything. - Why is he acting strangely? He suddenly just stopped messaging me!

    Looking at every aspect of both traditional and modern dating, including advice for online dating, apps, and texting, this book will become your go-to guide for navigating your way through the minefield that is dating in the UK. It will give you all the tools you need to make a lasting impression on the ever-confusing British gentleman, to help you find and keep your Prince Charming.

    PrintAbout the Author:

    Lady Lara Asprey knows that dating in Britain is anything but clear. As a Chelsea-based VIP matchmaker with many years of experience, she knows what makes British men and women tick when it comes to love and romance and is here to explain, in a very British and entertaining way, all the tools you need to find and keep your perfect man.

  • The Inspiration for 'Among A Thousand Stars'

    A guest post by Jo Bartlett, author of 'Among a Thousand Stars'

    jay_bartlettI don’t know about you, but for me reading is all about escaping to another world. So when I decided to write my first full length novel, I wanted the story to take me and anyone eventually reading it to somewhere different, somewhere that most of us don’t get to go every day. As a result, my heroine had to have an exciting job – being a teacher, like me, just wouldn’t cut it. At the same time I wanted her to have a side that other women could relate to, with some of the insecurities and problems we all have, whoever we are and whatever it is we do for a living.

    Ashleigh Hayes is someone who encompasses all that. She has a dream job as a photographer for celebrity glossy monthly magazine, Glitz, working alongside best friend Stevie. Yet not everything is as perfect as it seems. Add a mother with no boundaries whatsoever into the mix, a tricky new boss and a seven-times engaged rock star intent on making her fiancée number eight, and life is anything but smooth.

    The inspiration for Ashleigh came from a lot of places, one of which was encountering a real life celebrity photographer on the school run. It’s not that the paparazzi regularly hang out behind the bushes at my children’s school – thankfully, it’s not the sort of place where I have to encounter supermodels as I pull-up to the gates, still trying to tame my hair in the rear view mirror – but we did have a little brush with vicarious glamour.

    Perou is a photographer well known in fashion and celebrity circles, and our sons just so happened to be good friends at school. My working life revolved around teaching and marking, with the closest thing to excitement being the annual graduation ceremony. Talking to Perou’s wife at the school gates, I couldn’t help but compare his working life; jetting off across the world, photographing everyone from One Direction to Marilyn Manson.

    Despite all that, there was another side. Bits of life that involved helping with maths homework, taking a poorly dog to the vets and, like the rest of us, elbowing to the front of the school hall to get the best seat for the nativity play. Actually, check out Perou’s website and you’ll see that he’s much cooler than that, but I’m sure you get the point.

    So whilst Ashleigh in ‘Among A Thousand Stars’ might have the dream job, she has a very real life too, complete with real problems. As for the rest – the love story, the location, the incredible friendship with Stevie – all of that is drawn from experiences I’ve had, people I’ve met, places I’ve been and the melting pot of my imagination. So whilst being a teacher might not be the most exciting of jobs, I only have to open my laptop, and start to write, to escape to another world altogether.

    book 3dBuy Now 'Among a Thousand Stars' by Jo Bartlett

  • COVER REVEAL - 'Among a Thousand Stars' by Jo Bartlett

    book 3d


    What do you think about this cover?

    The book will be published on June 17, but you can already pre-order the e-book for only 99p on Amazon!

    There is also a brand new Booktrailer on our YouTube Channel.

  • COVER REVEAL - 'Searching for Steven' by Jessica Redland

    3d book

    What do you think about this cover?

    The book will be published on May 13, but you can already pre-order the e-book for only 99p on Amazon!

  • COVER REVEAL! 'How to Catch A (Rock) Star' by Gabrielle Aquilina

    How to Catch a (Rock) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina will be published on May 13th, but here is the highly anticipated Cover Reveal!

    What do you think about it?



  • Behind the Scenes by Sophie Childs Publication Day


    They say that when it comes to writing fiction, you should write what you know, so when I started plotting out the outline for ‘Behind the Scenes’, I drew upon my real life experiences for inspiration to put together the story of Bethan Brooks.

    I worked in offices for about five years and never fitted in. I remember that I went on a team-building weekend with one company and one of the exercises was that everyone had to give private feedback on everyone else in the team. You had to say at least one positive thing for every negative and my negatives were consistently the same: I was moody (unsurprising, since I hated the job!) and I was far too individual for my own good.

    There aren’t many people who want to grow up to be an admin assistant and I was no different. As a child, I wanted to be a ballerina, actress, musician and writer – all at once! I’ve always been highly creative and it was obvious to anyone who knew me that I was much better suited to the creative industries than working for insurers or chartered surveyors.

    One thing that I did have going for me was that I’m very good at dealing with difficult personalities and there are plenty of those in an office. The character of Pete, Bethan’s boss, is an amalgamation of a lot of people I worked for, one of whom was so obnoxious that one of his secretaries (not me!) spat in his coffee on a regular basis. It wasn’t difficult to come up with the character of Livvy, Bethan’s predecessor – she’s also a combination of former colleagues and I had a lot of fun thinking of ways in which she would annoy her co-workers, even if I’d never have done what she did.

    Living and working in London, as I used to, I met a fair few famous people and, when I read an article about how Keanu Reeves travels on the subway in New York, that gave me the perfect starting point to bring Bethan together with the movie world she admired from afar for so long.

    Her initial encounter with Vincent Constantine is very similar to when I met Darren Boyd. I was hosting an open mic night at the 12 Bar in London and he came to see one of my main acts. I recognised him from Hippies, a Channel 4 sitcom I loved, and when I asked him about it, we got talking. He was such a nice guy and more than happy to pose for a photo with me. Even now, I get a real kick out of seeing him on TV and calling him my ‘friend,’ even though he wouldn’t remember me!

    Once I had those basic elements, the rest of the book flowed easily. Although I hated my time in offices, it has to be said that they’ve really helped my writing career. Those five years have provided me with a rich source of inspiration and the stories that have come out in ‘Behind the Scenes’ are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Behind the scenes is now available in paperback and e-book So Vain Books, The Great British Bookshop, Books etc. and soon also on Amazon international!

  • So Vain Books sign VIP Matchmaker and dating expert Lady Lara Asprey

    So Vain Books has signed a book deal for a non-fiction dating advice book with VIP matchmaker, dating and relationship expert Lady Lara Asprey.


    Lady Lara is the founder and owner of VIP matchmaking business The Sloane Arranger, the UK’s only Introduction Club catering uniquely to people who are a little bit sloaney. She has personally matched numerous couples from high society in and around the London area and become the go-to person within her extensive social network for people looking for a serious partner.

    Lady Lara says: ‘I fully recognise us Brits have a “unique” approach to dating and finding love. Often it involves quite a bit of Dutch courage and miscommunication. Through a light-hearted lens, I take a look at what us Brits can do to navigate their way through the minefield that is dating in the UK’.

    Her PR manager and media agent Thomas Murphy says: ‘I am delighted my client has signed a book contract with So Vain Books, one of the most innovative publishing companies in the UK.’ Thomas further added: ‘I'm also in talks with a major television production company about Lady Lara starring in a brand new dating reality TV show'

    So Vain Books will publish the book in hardback in 2015.

    Please join us in giving Lady Lara a very warm welcome to the So Vain Books family!

    Read or Download now the Press Release

  • Pre-Order Now: Behind the Scenes by Sophie Childs



    Never wear a pair of high heels on a film set no matter how good they may look!

    After stumbling upon her favourite actor, Bethan's life seems to take a turn for the better. All of a sudden, fabulous parties and mingling with celebs are part of her everyday routine. But she soon finds out that life behind the scenes comes with its own complications.... and Bethan is so not prepared for all this!

    Behind the scenes is available now for pre-order on So Vain Books! What are you waiting, get your copy now!

  • "Behind The Scenes" Cover Reveal


    Yes, it is finally here! The highly-anticipated cover reveal of "Behind the Scenes" by author Sophie Childs. Check out the blog post on Girls Love to Read and subscribe here to follow the updates on the novel. Out on February 26th!



  • How to become a modern Socialite - Are You On The List? Blog Tour

    Blog tour

    Seven fashion bloggers, seven stops! Make sure this week you follow the glamorous "Are you on the List?" blog tour, visiting all these bloggers and discovering how to become a modern socialite.

    From Monday to Friday seven different bloggers will share their own experiences and tips on becoming a socialite today, which, in conjunction with the must-have guide "Are you on the List?", will give you all the knowledge you need to become the next It girl.


    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    The blog tour program:

    Monday 17th: http://scarlettlondon.com/

    Tuesday 18th: http://www.bethtinkerbell.co.uk/ and http://www.ilovejeans.com/

    Wednesday 19th: http://www.fashionlollipop.com/

    Thursday 20th: http://jenelectro.blogspot.co.uk/ and http://fashionfollowsher.com/

    Friday 21st: http://www.chloepierre.com/


    And to buy the book...

    Amazon: http://amzn.to/1v2x4d4

    So Vain Books: http://bit.ly/1wSjW96


    Tote Bag: http://bit.ly/1zLKNGe


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