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About So Vain Books 

so vain booksSo Vain Books is the independent publishing house and online store for books and magazines that creates an exciting and glamorous world for the stylish, sassy and ambitious girl and offers you the best page-turning romance novels. 

We publish both non-fiction guides on clothes, make-up and all things glamorous, but also light fiction romance novels, specifically in the genre of chick-lit, erotica and New Adult.

 Among the authors that we have signed up there are celebrities, YouTubers, members of the RNA and debut authors.

So Vain Books is so much more than a publishing house and bookseller, it is a whole world for the young and glamorous woman who can get lost and find an “escape” in the books we offer. It is a community for fashion and book lovers and a name that is synonym to glamour and uniqueness! So Vain Books only publishes a few and very selected titles each year so that you can be sure that, if you have liked one book published by us, you can go onto our online store or in a bookshop, pick up another So Vain Book and be certain that you will like it as much as the previous one. Each and every So Vain book will become a title that you will be proud to own and take a centre stage on your bookshelf.


Meet the team


stephanie reedStephanie Reed is the managing director and founder of So Vain Books. She comes from a family of editors and typographers, and she has been a professional writer, editor, PR, social media manager and publisher for over 5 years. She has worked for several different fashion companies and magazines as a freelance fashion writer and PR and she is the founder and editor of the online fashion magazine So Vain Magazine, which she has single-handedly promoted in the U.K. fashion scene.

She has a serious addiction to tea and the ability of not sleeping for days if she is into a good book and she simply has to know "what happens next".


niten thakorNiten Thakor is the publicity director of So Vain Books. He has been studying business and marketing for over 5 years and has worked with several different brands to increase their awareness through marketing. He has experience working for Hearst Publications and smaller magazines. Niten has hands-on experience working for the fashion industry and regularly attends events such as London Fashion Week and several other press days throughout the year. Through his experiences has also made several connections within the media industry, including PRs, journalists, bloggers and YouTubers. 



Sophia Althammer

Sophia Althammer is the senior editor of So Vain Books. She is a professional editor with international experience. Having lived and studied in Germany, Turkey, Spain and the UK she has gained a vast knowledge of literature and an understanding of cultural diversity. She has previously worked for several different newspapers as well as a well-established book publisher in Germany.

She gets really excited when she finds a new promising author, and if she likes a book, she will not shut up about it until everyone she knows has read it.


Marco Dusi is the IT manager and designer of So Vain Books. He has 10-years of experience in the industry as a software engineer, website developer and designer for logos, book covers and publicity material. He is very versatile and creates bespoke IT and design solutions that work for the company's or the author's brand.

He is also an inventor and loves to spend his weekends planning and developing gadgets that make life a little bit easier.



christy gannarou

Christy Giannarou is the social media assistant of So Vain Books. She is an environmental strategist with a focus on sustainability, working with organisations on how to become greener and more responsible. She has a passion for comms and social media, believing in their power to make this world better. On the side, she loves anything (ethically) fashionable and is a major bookworm. If she’s not reading a book, she’s probably around London's markets taking pictures of anything that grabs her attention, or in a quiet corner making a puppet out of old fabrics.